About Interactive Presenter

For over 10 years we've continued to develop and improve educational systems. Long-lasting cooperation with our users enables us to understand your needs and helps us service you better. We are now happy and proud to present our original interactive response system which makes communication inside the classroom easier, faster and more efficient.

Consisting of easy-to-use software and durable hardware, the Interactive Presenter respose system is:

  • The fastest, the most reliable system in the market
  • Efficient, attractive and user-friendly
  • No limits of participants, one receiver can handle up to 4000 handsets
  • Signal carrying distance 120-150m without drop-outs!
  • One time cost for handsets! No extra fees or additional expenses related
  • Fully integrated with Windows and 100% MS Office compatible
  • Allows creating presentations with text, image, video, sound, PowerPoint, html and QUESTION files

Using the Interactive Presenter response system is a unique way of maximizing knowledge absorbability and teaching attractiveness. It can also provide detailed qualitative and quantitative understanding of participants profiles, opinions and group characteristics.

Some of the gained benefits provided by our system include:

For students:

  • Assigned ID numbers allowing anonymous voting
  • Helping to awake students’ potential
  • Multidimensional development of participants: professional skills, social skills, language skills, deduction, analyzing and opinion formulating skills
  • Giving participants a feeling of commitment and importance, value and effect of their opinion
  • Chance to realize strong and weak sides which need improvement

For lecturers:

  • Unique possibility of creating own content
  • Helps to monitor level of understanding of a presented case
  • Makes lecture assembling faster and easier
  • Helps to establish a relation with students
  • Chance to divide lectures into various segments, making them more complex and interesting, resulting in longer concentration of students
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